16 July 2010

Pick Me Up

I have a fear of elevators.

Not quite as extreme as a phobia, maybe more like an OCD tick. When I was young, I saw a tv show where some people got stuck on an elevator. They were trapped inside between floors, and the only person around to help was in a wheelchair and couldn't reach the emergency button. I think at that point in my life, it had never occurred to me that one could get stuck in an elevator. I'm not sure what made this show particularly horrifying for me, but for some reason, it stuck.

I generally take the stairs when faced with the option (yay trading bits of "exercise" for time at the gym) and for years, I would obsessively check the expiration date of the inspection of every elevator I stepped foot on. Over the past year living and working in the city, I've grown accustomed elevator rides, and don't give it too much thought anymore.

So today, up in my 31st floor office, I was falling asleep sitting up and desperately needed a cappuccino to keep me going. I got in the elevator w/ 2 gentlemen, and proceeded down. Somewhere between the 25th and 1st floor (it's an express elevator) we suddenly dropped quickly and then came to a stop. I tried frantically to collect myself, and the elevator started moving again. After charging out of the elevator and swearing to walk up all 31 flights of stairs on my way back, one single thought crossed my mind:

I don't really need that cappuccino anymore...

05 July 2010

Happy {Holi}Days

When looking back on memories, the ones that most often stand out are those unplanned nights with unexpected results.

I was a little sad to be in LA for the Fourth of July, which is sort of funny to me, because it's not like it's my favorite holiday, and I don't even have any traditions that I follow that I would have missed out on. I guess it was just missing the chance to watch fireworks with loved ones that made me a little bummed. What I did end up doing though, was actually a lot of fun. I spent the holiday with WW, a friend of a friend whom I've hung out with a few times out here. He and some friends had planned to go to Venice Beach to watch the fireworks & party.

I leapt at the chance to explore another area of LA {because literally every day off thus far has been spent at the same beach.} I borrowed a bike and we rode the beach path from Santa Monica down to Venice. I couldn't remember the last time I had been on a bike, it was so refreshing and a great way to exercise! We scanned the scene, but were turned off by the huge crowd, so instead we got some drinks and pizza and had a picnic on the beach while we waited for the show to begin. After the great firework display {is there any better place to watch them than from a beach?!} we rode our bikes to this really cool bar in Venice for a few last drinks {had to take advantage of not being in the car!}

Riding back at midnight through the empty streets was such a cool feeling. It was so peaceful at that hour compared to the Fourth of July chaos we had just experienced. By the time I got home to bed I was physically and mentally exhausted, but had a great day. Although it would have been great to be home, I had such an enjoyable night with new faces, and experienced something I never would have done on my own.

I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth, cheers to our freedom :)

04 July 2010

I Love LA (No, really.)

-I also feel the need to update a recent post regarding hating LA-

After the first two weeks, I got into a groove and found that while there are some stereotypical things about LA that aren't my style, it's incredibly easy to avoid them altogether. The LA experience is what you make it. I found some down-to-earth people and places to visit, and LA instantly became that little slice of heaven I always saw it for.

I wish I hadn't had this epiphany so late into my trip, because I took the job back in Boston based on my first few weeks here. Although I'm extremely sad to be leaving LA, I feel things shifted this way for a reason. There is a lot of change going on in my life right now, and much to come I'm sure, but I believe that if I truly want it bad enough, I'll have the opportunity to settle down out here.

When I'm ready.