05 July 2010

Happy {Holi}Days

When looking back on memories, the ones that most often stand out are those unplanned nights with unexpected results.

I was a little sad to be in LA for the Fourth of July, which is sort of funny to me, because it's not like it's my favorite holiday, and I don't even have any traditions that I follow that I would have missed out on. I guess it was just missing the chance to watch fireworks with loved ones that made me a little bummed. What I did end up doing though, was actually a lot of fun. I spent the holiday with WW, a friend of a friend whom I've hung out with a few times out here. He and some friends had planned to go to Venice Beach to watch the fireworks & party.

I leapt at the chance to explore another area of LA {because literally every day off thus far has been spent at the same beach.} I borrowed a bike and we rode the beach path from Santa Monica down to Venice. I couldn't remember the last time I had been on a bike, it was so refreshing and a great way to exercise! We scanned the scene, but were turned off by the huge crowd, so instead we got some drinks and pizza and had a picnic on the beach while we waited for the show to begin. After the great firework display {is there any better place to watch them than from a beach?!} we rode our bikes to this really cool bar in Venice for a few last drinks {had to take advantage of not being in the car!}

Riding back at midnight through the empty streets was such a cool feeling. It was so peaceful at that hour compared to the Fourth of July chaos we had just experienced. By the time I got home to bed I was physically and mentally exhausted, but had a great day. Although it would have been great to be home, I had such an enjoyable night with new faces, and experienced something I never would have done on my own.

I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth, cheers to our freedom :)

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