30 November 2010

Eat Your Veggies {Untraditionally Of Course!}

Despite the decade plus one of my life that I went vegetarian {my mom eventually guilted me into the whole "you're not getting enough protein" bit and I agreed to start eating chicken again. Breaded chicken...} I don't feel like I eat enough veggies. It's not that I don't like them - in fact, there are only very few I dislike, I just feel like I don't buy many, and the ones I do buy go bad quickly. And let's face it - it's way easier to just boil water for pasta.

With that in mind, I went for a pasta & veggie combo, but not the type you'd expect. I first tasted butternut squash sauce with gnocchi at a fundraising event with my mom. I can't even remember which restaurant brought it, I just remember going back for seconds. and thirds. and maybe even fourths. Later while cruising around online for recipes {I only pretend like I'm a master in the kitchen} I found this one for the sauce! I'm not exaggerating when I say it's so easy I can do it. I left out the salt {which I do with every recipe because I find I don't need it} but followed the rest of the recipe as instructed.

{Bonus Fact: all the ingredients are from my beloved Trader Joes}

{Getting steamy!}

{I admit - this part was a little weird}

{Gnocchi are done! Perfect timing!}

{Enjoy! Wine is not optional :) }


20 November 2010

Inspiration on Wheels

While I'm embarrassed that my own city can't boast this, I'm also very inspired..

As someone who has just recently given up having a car, this video really resonates with me. My reason for doing so wasn't largely environmental - it was more that I hardly used my car, it was expensive to keep, and to say parking in Boston is a drag would be the understatement of the century. I am delighted, though, with the environmental impact it has had, and the amount of exercise I'm now getting just by walking.

During the warmer months, I had a 3 mile roundtrip walking commute to work, which took me through the beautiful public garden and commons. Now with the dark nights and the cold, I've finally given in to taking the T, but I still feel good about my decision.

It has proven difficult to see friends, almost all of whom live outside the city. A few live near enough to the train that I can still commute, but for many, visiting them at home is almost impossible. I have grocery stores within walking distance, but to purchase furniture or other heavy items, I need to make arrangements beforehand.

Having a bicycle wouldn't completely eliminate these problems, but it would certainly make getting around easier and less time-consuming. However, I feel that riding a bike around Boston with the awful drivers {I can talk - I was one of them} honestly isn't safe. I've seen the attitude that motorists give to cyclists, and instead of respecting their decision, there is -as the video says- a feeling of two different species. There have been some changes around the city recently, with a bike lane painted onto Commonwealth Ave, but I still don't think my skills/senses are acute enough to get around safely.

I would love to see a movement towards Copenhagen's view on bicycling, for the environmental benefits, the health benefits, and a general respect and kindness towards others.

video borrowed from The City Mouse

13 November 2010


My generation is living during a very unique time. Growing up, I played outside. I had Barbie, Lite Bright, and Legos. My toys required creativity and interaction on my part, and I only spent time on the couch when I was home sick from school. The greatest “technology” of my youth was found in toys like Teddy Ruxbin, Alfie, and the Easy Bake Oven.

I used to have to carry change around for Payphones, and on more than one occasion, I had call my mom Collect. When being dropped off at the movie theatre, I had to run inside and ask what time the movie was getting out, and then actually LOOK for my parents' car. When shopping at the mall, we had to FIND each other if we split up in the same store. It seems like the dark ages, but it was really just a decade ago.

Text messaging happened in high school, and I've sadly never looked back. Now it's possible to have an entire meal {with special instructions, no less} delivered to my apartment without speaking on the phone. Despite my job as an executive assistant, I hate answering the phone. To me, it's a little like being caught off-guard. A text message or email you can answer while multi-tasking, answer later, or ignore entirely. A phone call crashes in on your day and demands your full attention.

Facebook has seemingly eliminated even the need for interaction at all. I see about 10% of my friends list on a regular basis, and many people I'd turn down a dark alley at night to avoid talking to – but still track their life through photos. This situation happened a few weeks ago: I was walking back to work from a coffee break, and realized I was walking behind a girl I had danced with for years. I mean literally, I saw this girl in a leotard and tights 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 years. Evolutionarily speaking, shouldn't my first instinct be to run up to her and say hi? To greet her with a big smile and ask how she has been and what she's up to? Thanks to technology, I know not only where she lives and works, but also what she had for breakfast this morning. Instead of approaching her, I walked about 10 feet behind her {it figures she was walking in the EXACT same direction of my building} all the while praying she didn't turn around and see me. It was such a strange feeling, then. What was I avoiding? An awkward exchange? Nothing to say to each other? Old fashioned human contact?

For a social network, it sure has changed the way we communicate, though it doesn't seem for the better. I envy foreign cultures for their close-knit families, and their ability to invite friends over without any special occasion, but upon close inspection, there's nothing really stopping me from following suit. Not physically, at least.

11 September 2010

A Healthy Dose of Humility

I have a minor OCD tick about getting dressed in the morning. Some days, I'm completely fine - especially if I've picked my outfit out the night before. If I'm going somewhere where I'll "be seen," or am going out with fasionista types with fabulous wardrobes, I'm always nervous about how I'll look. On a bad day, I'll change my outfit 6-7 times, wasting VALUABLE morning time that would be better spent eating breakfast, or say being on time for work.

Today isn't a remarkable day; I had an appointment at an artist boutique in the morning to check out furniture and then was going to my mom's house to sort though my belongings in prepation for my move. I lay in bed this morning, contemplating what I could put on that would transition perfectly throughout the day: casual for breakfast with my beau, chic for shopping, comfortable for sorting through boxes, and dressy enough for dinner with my mom later tonight. I also had to consider that fall is upon us and a sweater was vital.

I crafted the perfect outfit - for it truly was an outfit - of neutral striped trousers rolled up and playfully cuffed at the bottom with 4" leather strappy heels, a charcoal tank with an adorable flower pin, and my favorite pale pink cashmere cardigan. Paired with some makeup and a messy ponytail, it was sexy, casual & comfortable, without looking like I was trying too hard {which, after this post, everyone will know is a complete lie.}

Shopping was less than fruitful, but the pastries & coffee to-go were delicious. I kissed Max goodbye as he dropped me off to go finish my errands, and managed to pour my entire cappucino

And in that moment I could only laugh, because honestly - who cares what I have on? I love the way life gives you little reminders of the important things. Are you paying attention?

04 September 2010


Anyone who has spent 10 seconds or more in my presence knows my love and loyalty for Trader Joe's. A lot of my girlfriends think it's weird, because while they make the trip to TJ's every once in a while, I do 100% of my shopping there. Literally. Paper towels, cat food, bars of soap. If Joe started carrying contact solution I'd no doubt start buying it there.

Once every 2 weeks {I hate grocery shopping} I battle for a parking space, inch my way through the aisles {why do people always gravitate to the section I'm looking in?!} and wait through long lines. I drive by approximately 12 grocery stores, one being another Trader Joe's, on my way to the Brookline location. Why, you ask? This one simple reason – the wine section.

My boyfriend and I have the whole shopping part down to a science, really. What we like, what we don't, and how to navigate efficiently. We always save the best part for last, and he knows to hang back near the cart as we approach the far right corner of the store. I inhale deeply, smile, and clutch my hands at my chest while my eyes drink in the selection. There are literally probably 20+ wines that I love for under $10 a bottle. I always have to hold myself back from going to crazy, and after about 5-6 bottles hit the carriage, Max starts giving me “the look.”

I got a lot of that look this summer as a stockpiled my favorite wine – Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine that costs an incredible $4.99 per bottle! It's been my go-to all season, when I need a lighter and more refreshing alternative to other reds. I've introduced many friends/family members to it with the same result – even those who aren't huge winos. After I received two phone calls last week from friends who were at TJ's asking for a reminder of the name, I figured it was something to share on a larger scale. So head to Trader Joe's, get a bottle of Lambrusco, {red!} pop the cork {my favorite part,} and enjoy!

Salud! Xx

*images courtesy of Liqurious & Curly Girl Design

16 July 2010

Pick Me Up

I have a fear of elevators.

Not quite as extreme as a phobia, maybe more like an OCD tick. When I was young, I saw a tv show where some people got stuck on an elevator. They were trapped inside between floors, and the only person around to help was in a wheelchair and couldn't reach the emergency button. I think at that point in my life, it had never occurred to me that one could get stuck in an elevator. I'm not sure what made this show particularly horrifying for me, but for some reason, it stuck.

I generally take the stairs when faced with the option (yay trading bits of "exercise" for time at the gym) and for years, I would obsessively check the expiration date of the inspection of every elevator I stepped foot on. Over the past year living and working in the city, I've grown accustomed elevator rides, and don't give it too much thought anymore.

So today, up in my 31st floor office, I was falling asleep sitting up and desperately needed a cappuccino to keep me going. I got in the elevator w/ 2 gentlemen, and proceeded down. Somewhere between the 25th and 1st floor (it's an express elevator) we suddenly dropped quickly and then came to a stop. I tried frantically to collect myself, and the elevator started moving again. After charging out of the elevator and swearing to walk up all 31 flights of stairs on my way back, one single thought crossed my mind:

I don't really need that cappuccino anymore...

05 July 2010

Happy {Holi}Days

When looking back on memories, the ones that most often stand out are those unplanned nights with unexpected results.

I was a little sad to be in LA for the Fourth of July, which is sort of funny to me, because it's not like it's my favorite holiday, and I don't even have any traditions that I follow that I would have missed out on. I guess it was just missing the chance to watch fireworks with loved ones that made me a little bummed. What I did end up doing though, was actually a lot of fun. I spent the holiday with WW, a friend of a friend whom I've hung out with a few times out here. He and some friends had planned to go to Venice Beach to watch the fireworks & party.

I leapt at the chance to explore another area of LA {because literally every day off thus far has been spent at the same beach.} I borrowed a bike and we rode the beach path from Santa Monica down to Venice. I couldn't remember the last time I had been on a bike, it was so refreshing and a great way to exercise! We scanned the scene, but were turned off by the huge crowd, so instead we got some drinks and pizza and had a picnic on the beach while we waited for the show to begin. After the great firework display {is there any better place to watch them than from a beach?!} we rode our bikes to this really cool bar in Venice for a few last drinks {had to take advantage of not being in the car!}

Riding back at midnight through the empty streets was such a cool feeling. It was so peaceful at that hour compared to the Fourth of July chaos we had just experienced. By the time I got home to bed I was physically and mentally exhausted, but had a great day. Although it would have been great to be home, I had such an enjoyable night with new faces, and experienced something I never would have done on my own.

I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth, cheers to our freedom :)

04 July 2010

I Love LA (No, really.)

-I also feel the need to update a recent post regarding hating LA-

After the first two weeks, I got into a groove and found that while there are some stereotypical things about LA that aren't my style, it's incredibly easy to avoid them altogether. The LA experience is what you make it. I found some down-to-earth people and places to visit, and LA instantly became that little slice of heaven I always saw it for.

I wish I hadn't had this epiphany so late into my trip, because I took the job back in Boston based on my first few weeks here. Although I'm extremely sad to be leaving LA, I feel things shifted this way for a reason. There is a lot of change going on in my life right now, and much to come I'm sure, but I believe that if I truly want it bad enough, I'll have the opportunity to settle down out here.

When I'm ready.

20 June 2010

The Mating Game

I could talk dating/relationships, and especially breakups for DAYS. I've had my fair share of long term relationships, and dating sprees. Lately, with all my solitude here in LA, I've been giving my adventures in dating some thought...

It went something like this:

Highschool – He can drive, I can't. He's a bad boy, I'm a goodie two shoes. Opposites attract?

College – He's hot and he seems to want nothing to do with me. I'm in.

Post-college - {I believe in Karma, but I chose not to when I look at this period in my life} He approached me, that's ballsy! Wait, you're falling for me? But it's our first date. Ahhhh GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!!!!!

Max – He's certainly unlike any guy I've ever met, and he kept me guessing in the beginning so I didn't run for the hills within a few dates. He helps me realize things I need to work on, while also making me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. He gets all dressed up with me to drink martinis on a Saturday night, and watches football on the couch with me all day Sunday. Plus he's a GREAT cook :)

Now, instead of considering just a few qualities in a guy {attractive, sweet, gets my sense of humor} I find myself analyzing a whole new array for characteristics {Can we make this work long term? Will he be a good father? Do we make a good team? Is he a best friend AND a lover?}

It's creepy. I'm getting old.

13 June 2010

The Little Things

Today I went to the beach. By myself. {That alone is enough to make some people gasp/shudder/cringe.} I enjoy solitude. And there's something about the ocean that is so soothing to me. Don't get me wrong, you'll never catch me in the water except for equator-esque conditions, but the crashing of the waves makes me feel at peace.

I distinctly remember laying on my towel with the waves crashing in the background, a slight ocean breeze, the warm sun beating down on my skin, and Coldplay quietly playing in my ears, thinking to myself: I am perfectly content in this moment.

I think this ability is extremely important in life, especially to cherish moments alone. Would I have loved my family, friends & boyfriend to be there sharing with me? Of course! But that doesn't stop me from being happy through-and-though in one private, happy moment.

{Now of course I have a wicked sunburn because I refuse to apply any SPF higher than 4, and as capable as I am of enjoying life's simple pleasures, that's probably a lesson I'll NEVER learn}

08 June 2010

LA LA Land

So I'm here in LA, 3 days in, and I'm feeling... odd about it. I'm not sure if it's because of the way it happened so quickly, or something else altogether, but this time around isn't what I remembered or expected.

I've been out here numerous times when my older sister lived here, and I loved the laid back nature of everyone, and the warm weather. I loved that even though it's a city, there are fragrant flowers and green grass everywhere. I loved how easy it was to be outside, whether you're at the mall, or in the hallway of your apartment.

This time around, however is different. My first day here, we went to the Mondrian Hotel pool. The setting was gorgeous, but I've never seen anything like the people. It was 'true LA' - girls done up like they're going to prom, with curled hair and loads of makeup. And more fake boobs than I've ever seen in my life collectively. It's fascinating to watch, but it's also easy to see how someone could get lost in such a world.

Even my friend whom I'm staying with has changed noticeably. At home, she dressed casually and never wore makeup. Now she's always in some sexy teeny outfit, sky high heels, and wears makeup every day. Everyone seems very materialistic here - trendy clothing, expensive cars, the works. Although I know these surface-level things don't make these people better than me, I can't help but notice I lack of these things, and I wouldn't be truthful if I said it didn't bother me.

I'm struggling to hang onto my roots and find my place here, while I am here. I think I need to make it a point to listen to music more, go for walks, and visit the beach, all of which ground me. It's hard to keep in touch with my family/friends, because when I get home and relax and want to talk on the phone, everyone is already headed to bed. I'm sure things will turn around, I'm just experiencing a mix of unfulfilled expectations and some homesickness.

02 June 2010

La Femme = Fatale

When digging through my personal ex-files, you're bound to come across a few feminine guys.. what can I say? Sometimes you need a resource - when you don't have the energy to pick out an outfit, or a great restaurant. And so what if sometimes that resource is your boyfriend?

With that confession out of the way, I miss manly men. Seriously, I'm a huge fan of fashion, but this androgynous trend is really starting to get to me. I prefer my men without nail polish {ever.} and my bag is big enough - he doesn't need his own. That's what pockets are for. Please tell me I'm not alone on this crusade? I'm all about expressing yourself through your clothing, but yours should NEVER fit more tightly than mine.

Which one makes YOU drool?

*Photos courtesy of Le 21eme Arrondissement

01 June 2010

California Gurl

So, dreams are coming true. Slowly, anyway. At the very least, things are looking up. It seems my luck has FINALLY taken a turn, and I couldn't be happier about it.

After temping at a job I fell completely in love with, {AND they love me back – why can't all relationships be this easy? I mean, yeah I had to skip lunch a few days and get everything done, but I'm only skinnier for it!} I was in a predicament. They wanted to keep me, I wanted to stay, but there really isn't a position open at the moment. Their solution? Fly me out to their LA office to work for a month, and hopefully something will open up.

Is. This. My. Life?? It sounds familiar.. It sounds like my life used to!

Besides the obvious plus {Umm California!} my best friend moved to LA in January, and I haven't had the money to come visit her. NOW, I get to live with her for a month! I'm looking forward to weekends on the beach and going out with my girl. I'm obviously there to work, and work is my first priority, but I DO need a tan for a wedding I'm in in July, and California IS one of my favorite places, and LS IS one of my favorite trouble makers!

I found out today I could be leaving as soon as next Monday. First, I completely panicked, because it FINALLY hit me that I'm actually going. But now I'm just excited {even if a little nervous.} The feeling is bittersweet, though, because I'll be leaving my cat and boyfriend at home. But it's good for him to miss me {the boyfriend, not the cat} and he's great at keeping in touch, and I love that he's supportive and secure enough to let me do this.

Looking forward to updating soon!

15 May 2010

Sign Here

I have a new signature fragrance. For life.

I've never been a huge perfume girl, and usually have about 4-5 kicking around that I rotate through depending on my mood or M.O.. This all changed this past Easter, when MB's mom gave me Chloe for Easter. One spritz and I was done for. I've never experienced such a perfectly balanced scent in my 24 years. It has the clean, light scent that I seek out, with an underline of something deep and sultry. It's perfect for work or play, and people seem to notice it on me, which I love.

I do still have a few other favorites for going out at night...

.. but something tells me Chloe will be around for a VERY long time.

10 May 2010

Guac the Guac

It's no secret that I love avocados. Or that I'm a disaster in the kitchen. So what better way to combine the two than with my new favorite lunch: Homemade Guacamole!

I think I originally started with a recipe, but over time I began to run out of certain ingredients {okay, laziness set in} and it has been pared down to this simple mix:

1 Avocado {learn how to pick perfect avocados here}
1 T of lime juice
Few shakes of Onion Powder
Few shakes of Fresh Ground Pepper

I'm sorry for the vague measurements, it's actually one of my hugest pet peeves while I'm trying to follow a recipe, but I've found that exact measurements don't really matter here, and it's really easy to taste as you go. Because Guacamole tends to brown quickly, I eat it right after making it. If you are preparing it ahead of time, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, making sure the wrap is tightly over the guacamole, leaving no air between.

{All the Ingredients}
{Cube the Avocado then flip it into a bowl}
{Mash the cubes with a fork until it's a creamy texture - some lumps add character ;) }
{Squeeze in the lime juice and mix}
{Add some onion powder & fresh ground pepper and mix}
{Add some chips & enjoy}

08 May 2010


I went to Kimball Farm for ice cream with my Mom today. It was warm, sunny, and completely grounding. In the midst of crap life happens to be dumping on me at the moment, I find it hard to revel in the simple things, which is hugely disturbing to me because it used to come so naturally. Today was not the case, and over few words and a vanilla heath bar crunch ice cream, we had a perfect moment.

I remember coming here all the time when I was younger, especially on hot summer evenings when the air was almost as sticky as your hands got from your melting ice cream. It's funny because I thought everything would look smaller, considering I hadn't been in years, but the ice creams are as big as I had remembered!

There were some other changes made, though. The animals used to roam around freely, and I can distinctly remember a goat chewing on my mom's purse strap one evening. It was always a huge draw over the other ice cream places in town. My sister and I would beg my parents for quarters for the machines that would dispense a handful of pellets for the goats to eat. This time around, the goats were safely behind a fence, with a sign asking people not to touch the animals, per board of health. The only soul wandering around was a big rooster. It seems that in an attempt to "protect" people, we're also taking away happy experiences, and moments to reflect on with a smile. All I can say is, I'm glad I grew up when I did!

{The lone ranger, I mean, rooster}
{But a beautiful day nonetheless!}

06 May 2010

Banana Bread Cupcakes??

It's no secret that I'm not much help in the kitchen. Quite the contrary really. Our kitchen graveyard holds:

-two red wine glasses
-one champagne flute
-one plate
-one round cutting board {which my boyfriend still hasn't forgiven me for..}

But what I lack in culinary skill, I make up for in attempts at baking! Faced with a few browning bananas {which MB purposely didn't eat} I decided to work some magic. I used a recipe from Flour, an adorable Boston-based bakery.

Not without making my own substitutions, though. Instead of using baking soda {the only box in our kitchen was open and in the fridge and I CERTAINLY wasn't going to use from that} I used baking powder and tripled the amount, according to a conversion I found online. I also halved the entire recipe, mostly because there was a lone egg in my fridge, and the recipe called for 2. Finally, I used a muffin pan since I don't have a bread pan. With a smaller yield, I was able to cut the cooking time down to 20 minutes. One last suggestion? Don't whisk the eggs and sugar for 10 minutes - we have better things to do with our time! Use a food processor or small blender instead.

The result? I was very careful not to overcook them, as it happened last time I made Banana Bread with a different recipe and it tasted very dry. They didn't turn the deep brown color I normally associate with Banana Bread, but I attribute that to the baking powder. I am no kitchen guru, so I could be completely wrong, but I think that's what also gave them the cupcake texture/taste. The baking powder DOES change the flavor a little, so they aren't as banana-y as I would have liked, but overall I did still enjoy them and in a pinch, they were VERY easy to whip up!

{All the Ingredients}


{Batter Up!}

{Not as dark as I had expected, but they sure smelled great!}

{Banana Bread Cupcakes! No frosting required!}

05 May 2010

Doesn't Add Up...

There are 6 floors in my building, with a little over 100 units altogether. Only 8 units in the entire building have decks, all of which I can see from my 4th floor window. If it has been 70+ degrees every day so far this week, why has NO ONE used their deck at all?!?

I'm thinking of tying together all my tights from the winter and constructing a bridge across, who's with me? I'll be playing chill music, grilling veggie burgers, and serving red wine until well after the sun goes down.

03 May 2010


I did not create this picture or this saying, but I feel a strong connection to it. This phrase has been getting me through the day lately, and while I'm waiting for all my pieces to fall into place, it has been a source of strength for me to keep on.

{Having amazing friends doesn't hurt either.}

02 May 2010

Double, Double Toil and Trouble..

..Fire burn and cauldren bubble.

It isn't so random of a phrase, considering my past 36 hours. I live in Boston, which since yesterday afternoon has been under a "Boil Water Order." A huge water pipe about 10ft in diameter burst in a local community, and our water supply is contaminated. So until further notice, we must boil all tap water used to drink, brush teeth, or wash hands. Officials say the water is safe to bathe in, but I must say I was entirely creeped out while showering today. I was having total deja vu about Charlotte's shower in Mexico in SATC the movie.

This experience has definitely inspired some serious thinking on my part. As I was using a measuring cup to scoop already-boiled water out of a huge pasta pot in my fridge, I couldn't help but feel like I was transported back a couple hundred years when boiling water was a necessity. I instantly remembered that I would also have been without fridge, but it was a funny realization nonetheless. Also, it has made me keenly aware of how much water I use on a daily basis. When faced with a situation like this, one can't help but think of third world countries where clean water is a scarce luxury, not something we let run down the drain while we asses our facial wrinkles in the bathroom mirror. Measuring out the water to use while washing my hands and brushing my teeth has really opened up my eyes.

It's strange to be in the midst of a "crisis," not knowing when or how it's going to end. At this moment, the pipe has been repaired, and back up water supplies have been activated, but the water sill needs to be tested before it's declared fit for consumption. Things do seem to be moving quickly though, and there's talk of having water by Wednesday, if not sooner.

There are things occurring though, that are somewhat chilling. I'm sure everyone has seen video of Haiti shortly after their earthquakes, where people are pillaging shops, breaking windows, stealing from others.. We almost just shrug it off as an uncivilized, "third world country," thing. However even in Boston, MA, stores are raising the price of water, and consumers are getting into physical battles over water supplies, {if the store hasn't run out yet.} It doesn't give one much faith to see people in the most powerful country, in arguably one of the most educated states, resorting to such primitive behavior.

Me, I'm taking from the experience what I can. Although I'll be VERY happy when I'm only boiling water for tea, and can go back to washing my hands the traditional way.

01 May 2010

The Art of Avocados

Every Sunday, or almost, my boyfriend and I go to his mom's apartment for dinner. This woman is an incredible cook {which, so far as I can tell, is a genetic trait.} What I look most forward to every time, though, is her salad. More specifically - the avocados in her salad.

My boyfriend is fortunate enough to have grown up in Southern California, which instantly makes him foreign {read: attractive} to me. His mother grew up on an avocado farm, and says the quality of avocados carried in today’s grocery stores are comparable the ones their dogs used to eat off the ground.

My own adventure in eating avocados, although short-lived, hasn’t gone so well so far. I started a few years ago after reading an article about how to easily cut calories. The recipe was for chocolate chip cookies, and looking back now, I can clearly see the best way to cut calories there would have been to omit the cookies from my diet altogether. Hindsight, you bitch. The recipe called for half an avocado to substitute for half the butter. My experience with avocados being as limited as it was, I definitely didn’t wait until it was ripe enough. Instead of a butter-like mush, I ended up with a bunch of chopped green bits that stuck out of my cookies even more noticeably than my chocolate chips. The cookies tasted exactly the same, and the added benefit was that no one accepted my offer to try them – more for me!

I later graduated to guacamole {wait… this green stuff is made from my new favorite fruit??} and other yummy foods. I now try to top my bagel every morning with freshly sliced avocados. The problem I’ve been running into though, is cutting through the tough green skins to reveal a brown, overripe fruit. I discussed this with my boyfriend’s mom, while simultaneously praising her salad for the umpteenth time. She then revealed to me a secret, which I’m going to pass on to you. The trick to buying avocados is to make sure the part where the fruit was attached to the tree, or the “nub” {scientific term} is still intact. If that piece falls off, the fruit will rot before it ripens. Leaving that piece on, however, yields the most ripe, most delicious fruit I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. And if they ripen before you need them, simply put them in the fridge! I’m only glad she gave me this information during the “still trying to impress her phase,” where I still have no problem saying, “You’re right.”

For Stellar Avocados:

Buy fruit from your favorite grocer {ahem Trader Joe's} with nub intact.

Let it sit out for a few days until the skin turns a deep brown color and it's slightly soft to the touch. {If you aren't using it immediately after it ripens, put it in the fridge!}

Cut the ripe avocado in half lengthwise.

And Enjoy! To remove the pit, strike it with the knife holding it parallel to the fruit, then pull the pit away from the fruit.

29 April 2010


So I finally invited all my friends to view my blog, only to completely stop posting. Massive fail on my part. Busy, busy with interviews & audition, but plenty to update on soon enough! Thank you for the patience.

Amy xx

25 April 2010

A Lucky Dood.

A few weeks ago, I had the utmost pleasure of eating my lunch outside. If you are not from New England, you cannot possibly understand what it’s like to have that first hot, summery day in April when the temperature finally hits 80 degrees and the sun is on your face, after what feels like the longest winter you’ve ever lived through. It’s generally followed by a plunge back into the 40’s and 5+ days of rain, but we take what we can get here.

Since the weather was so beautiful, (and let’s face it, I look like a Cullen,) I figured I’d take advantage of the gorgeous day and lunch outside to catch some rays. I grabbed a sub, found a vacant park bench, and stretched my legs out in front of me. Just then, I heard this thud/drip sound, and looked down to discover a bird had pooped mere inches from my left ankle. This immediately reminded me of my younger sister, who has been pooped on by more birds than I can keep track of. As the adage goes, it’s good luck, but she always thought that was something our family invented to make her feel better. I had a funny thought, then. If the poop didn’t land on me, am I unlucky? Because I must admit, after seeing such a near miss... I felt very fortunate indeed.

24 April 2010

A Good Fit

I grew up dancing. My mother {thankfully} started me in a dance class when I was 2, and I didn't stop until college. For me, dance was always an outlet - the exercise part was just a bonus. I danced competitively in high school, practicing ballet, jazz, tap, lyric, modern, and anything else I could try. When I got to college, however, the program at my school was student-run, and mostly consisted of girls who danced for a year when they were 5 and consider themselves dancers. There were a handful of girls like myself who had danced our whole lives, and then there was... everyone else. I joined the dance team for a few semesters, but realized I wasn't getting out what I was putting into it, and my time would be better spent working and making money. Looking at my masses of credit card debt from working at the mall, I was probably better off dancing. But hey, live and learn.

Anyway, since then, I've really been coasting on the residual benefits of having danced my entire life. I'm blessed with a fantastic metabolism, but I know that one day I'm going to wake up and realize I NEED to exercise. Only problem is, I'm very lazy and CANNOT cannot run. I can dance for 7 hours straight, but can't run 7 minutes. I've had a gym membership, which mostly collected dust. I think they have my face on their protein milk cartons. The only types of exercise I don't mind are yoga {because I LOVE stretching and it requires minimal effort} and pilates {laying on a mat? My ideal workout.} In an attempt to motivate myself while being honest with myself {I will never actually go to a gym} I bought myself a pair of Fitflops. If you haven't heard of these shoes, I definitely encourage you to look into them. They're a little cheesy for my taste, but this was the girliest style they had. I know Reebok and other companies have sneakers, but I'm a girly girl to a fault, and just wouldn't wear them.

Now, do they work? I've only had them about a week, so it's probably too soon to tell. But I will say this: I've walked over 8 miles so far this week {thank you MapMyWalk} which is far more than I would have otherwise. {The sunny weather & warm temps in Boston have MUCH to do with that.} Just today, I was meeting some friends downtown, so I threw some heels in my bag, slid into my flops, and did a quick-change right before heading into our venue. So for a girl like me, even if they don't make an enormous difference, the motivation to be out & about walking is more than worth the $60 price tag. No sweating required. :)


23 April 2010


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my guy, MB Y

and... umm...
Happy Birthday to my ex :/
{it was NOT on purpose, I SWEAR!}

Tax Blues

Tax Day. April 15th. Or, if you're lucky enough to live in Massachusetts and were affected by the floods, May 11th. I usually do my own taxes via online software, but this past year mine were a little complicated, so I sought the advice of a professional.

My friend NC had recommended a guy who always did her boyfriend's taxes, and had done hers this year. I took her advice, emailed him, and promptly set up an appointment. He immediately appreciate my sense of humor, so I immediately appreciated him.

{I'm a Leo, I could live on compliments and water alone.}

His office is in the same town where NC lives, so she invited me over for dinner after my appointment. I brought all my necessary paperwork and we got right to it. Taxguy was super nice, and we chit chatted while he typed in my information. Now, I find it pretty easy to chat with people, and in my experience, what seems like a normal interaction with someone for me usually turns out being a lot more meaningful for them. Not to say that I don't care, because I do! I love interacting with people and meeting new ones, it excites me and fills me up! However, the other person sometimes seems to think there's a deeper meaning behind my openness, or that we have this strong uncommon bond.

Fast forward to 2.5hrs later. NC is texting me to see where I am & what's taking so long, and Taxguy is alternately showing me live blues performances on YouTube and serenading me with his guitar. I wish I could tell you how I got here. Maybe he took my enthusiasm for live music a little too literally? Maybe he's burnt out from working tax season and he just needs someone to hang out with? He was SO nice, but all I could think of is:

a} I'm STARVING and want to drink wine with NC now.
b} How do I gracefully exit this situation?

I shuffled my folders and papers and kept adjusting in my chair to send some subtle social signals that I needed to go. When NC texted me I finally saw my chance to escape. Taxguy and I wrapped up and went our separate ways. I felt bad interrupting him, and he was being perfectly nice, but I just needed to get out! Is there a better way of exiting a situation THAT awkward while still keeping everyone's feelings intact?

22 April 2010


The end of a friendship... Is there anything worse? Looking back on my shortish life, there are more friendships than I'd like to mention that haven't lasted the test of time. Sometimes by my will, sometimes by the will of others, and sometimes the by the will of the others' significant other (lame.)

I think that what makes a friend break-up so painful, is that there is rarely one cause. In a typical relationship, there is usually a point of clarity where you realize it's not meant to be. Maybe someone cheated, maybe the spark is gone, maybe your boyfriend really WAS gay, and you should have listened to your friends about it, but he was so SWEET and the sex was great and.... I digress. With a friendship, however, there isn't usually one event. It's more likely a slow, sad realization that the relationship has changed, and as painful as it is to shut the other person out and move on, you finally see that they haven't been the friend they used to be.

And sometimes you have that one friend, who although the friendship is a shadow of its former self, and you can't even trust the other person anymore, they're still somehow irreplaceable. You hold on, get hurt, and live for those precious few moments when they make you laugh. Everyone around you asks why you don't just walk away, but they don't understand how you cling to the good times in hopes of a return to your glory days.

There is nothing worse than ending a friendship, and it's an extremely difficult decision to make, but I find that if you look into your heart, you almost always know the right answer.

21 April 2010

She Gets It From Her Mama...

...Giving my unsolicited opinion, that is. I still cringe every time I do it, but I can't deny this habit I picked up from my mom. Although does an involuntary, knee-jerk reaction count as a habit? I suppose in ways that is the very definition..

So I decided, what better way to spread my advice to masses of people who don't want to hear it? A blog! {I'm kidding of course, my intentions are pure!} Here is how it started: I'm in my 20's, so I had a computer in kindergarten, AOL in eighth grade, etc. I wasn't one of those angst-y teens who had a livejournal, but I was certainly intrigued {read: horrified} by those who did. Myspace and Facebook hit while I was in college, so I'm used to publicly posting my life {to approved friends only, of course!} but I'm still figuring out the whole Twitter thing {Does anyone really have THAT much to say?}

I really hadn't been a huge blog follower, until a year of unemployment forced me to explore every possible option for wasting time. It started with Lookbook, which while I don't have the balls to create my own account, I can spend hours scrolling through different styles and outfits for inspiration. That lead me to a few favorite blogs, and eventually I was following a handful pretty religiously. A friend of mine started her own blog and I was totally inspired, but panicked as to what I could possibly write about. I urged another girlfriend who always has strange things happen to her to start her own blog, and I realized how much I really wanted to start one myself. Geek that I am, I actually wrote up a few entries {coming soon} incase I experienced writers' block after entry 1. I completely overlooked the fact that it's MY blog, and if I don't post every single day it's okay. But who would I be if I weren't stressing ALL the small stuff? :)

I hope to:
~ use this blog as a creative outlet & to share thoughts
~inspire others with outfits, suggestions on recipes, products, etc.
~become an overnight blog-celeb and never set foot in an office again {kidding!}
~make someone smile with a post
~learn, grow, reflect, evolve