23 April 2010

Tax Blues

Tax Day. April 15th. Or, if you're lucky enough to live in Massachusetts and were affected by the floods, May 11th. I usually do my own taxes via online software, but this past year mine were a little complicated, so I sought the advice of a professional.

My friend NC had recommended a guy who always did her boyfriend's taxes, and had done hers this year. I took her advice, emailed him, and promptly set up an appointment. He immediately appreciate my sense of humor, so I immediately appreciated him.

{I'm a Leo, I could live on compliments and water alone.}

His office is in the same town where NC lives, so she invited me over for dinner after my appointment. I brought all my necessary paperwork and we got right to it. Taxguy was super nice, and we chit chatted while he typed in my information. Now, I find it pretty easy to chat with people, and in my experience, what seems like a normal interaction with someone for me usually turns out being a lot more meaningful for them. Not to say that I don't care, because I do! I love interacting with people and meeting new ones, it excites me and fills me up! However, the other person sometimes seems to think there's a deeper meaning behind my openness, or that we have this strong uncommon bond.

Fast forward to 2.5hrs later. NC is texting me to see where I am & what's taking so long, and Taxguy is alternately showing me live blues performances on YouTube and serenading me with his guitar. I wish I could tell you how I got here. Maybe he took my enthusiasm for live music a little too literally? Maybe he's burnt out from working tax season and he just needs someone to hang out with? He was SO nice, but all I could think of is:

a} I'm STARVING and want to drink wine with NC now.
b} How do I gracefully exit this situation?

I shuffled my folders and papers and kept adjusting in my chair to send some subtle social signals that I needed to go. When NC texted me I finally saw my chance to escape. Taxguy and I wrapped up and went our separate ways. I felt bad interrupting him, and he was being perfectly nice, but I just needed to get out! Is there a better way of exiting a situation THAT awkward while still keeping everyone's feelings intact?

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