24 April 2010

A Good Fit

I grew up dancing. My mother {thankfully} started me in a dance class when I was 2, and I didn't stop until college. For me, dance was always an outlet - the exercise part was just a bonus. I danced competitively in high school, practicing ballet, jazz, tap, lyric, modern, and anything else I could try. When I got to college, however, the program at my school was student-run, and mostly consisted of girls who danced for a year when they were 5 and consider themselves dancers. There were a handful of girls like myself who had danced our whole lives, and then there was... everyone else. I joined the dance team for a few semesters, but realized I wasn't getting out what I was putting into it, and my time would be better spent working and making money. Looking at my masses of credit card debt from working at the mall, I was probably better off dancing. But hey, live and learn.

Anyway, since then, I've really been coasting on the residual benefits of having danced my entire life. I'm blessed with a fantastic metabolism, but I know that one day I'm going to wake up and realize I NEED to exercise. Only problem is, I'm very lazy and CANNOT cannot run. I can dance for 7 hours straight, but can't run 7 minutes. I've had a gym membership, which mostly collected dust. I think they have my face on their protein milk cartons. The only types of exercise I don't mind are yoga {because I LOVE stretching and it requires minimal effort} and pilates {laying on a mat? My ideal workout.} In an attempt to motivate myself while being honest with myself {I will never actually go to a gym} I bought myself a pair of Fitflops. If you haven't heard of these shoes, I definitely encourage you to look into them. They're a little cheesy for my taste, but this was the girliest style they had. I know Reebok and other companies have sneakers, but I'm a girly girl to a fault, and just wouldn't wear them.

Now, do they work? I've only had them about a week, so it's probably too soon to tell. But I will say this: I've walked over 8 miles so far this week {thank you MapMyWalk} which is far more than I would have otherwise. {The sunny weather & warm temps in Boston have MUCH to do with that.} Just today, I was meeting some friends downtown, so I threw some heels in my bag, slid into my flops, and did a quick-change right before heading into our venue. So for a girl like me, even if they don't make an enormous difference, the motivation to be out & about walking is more than worth the $60 price tag. No sweating required. :)



  1. Love the bandage haha is that from when we went walking :p love you and i kinda love the blog :)

  2. Definitely from when we went walking. Still recovering - case in point why I can't/shouldn't exercise!