21 April 2010

She Gets It From Her Mama...

...Giving my unsolicited opinion, that is. I still cringe every time I do it, but I can't deny this habit I picked up from my mom. Although does an involuntary, knee-jerk reaction count as a habit? I suppose in ways that is the very definition..

So I decided, what better way to spread my advice to masses of people who don't want to hear it? A blog! {I'm kidding of course, my intentions are pure!} Here is how it started: I'm in my 20's, so I had a computer in kindergarten, AOL in eighth grade, etc. I wasn't one of those angst-y teens who had a livejournal, but I was certainly intrigued {read: horrified} by those who did. Myspace and Facebook hit while I was in college, so I'm used to publicly posting my life {to approved friends only, of course!} but I'm still figuring out the whole Twitter thing {Does anyone really have THAT much to say?}

I really hadn't been a huge blog follower, until a year of unemployment forced me to explore every possible option for wasting time. It started with Lookbook, which while I don't have the balls to create my own account, I can spend hours scrolling through different styles and outfits for inspiration. That lead me to a few favorite blogs, and eventually I was following a handful pretty religiously. A friend of mine started her own blog and I was totally inspired, but panicked as to what I could possibly write about. I urged another girlfriend who always has strange things happen to her to start her own blog, and I realized how much I really wanted to start one myself. Geek that I am, I actually wrote up a few entries {coming soon} incase I experienced writers' block after entry 1. I completely overlooked the fact that it's MY blog, and if I don't post every single day it's okay. But who would I be if I weren't stressing ALL the small stuff? :)

I hope to:
~ use this blog as a creative outlet & to share thoughts
~inspire others with outfits, suggestions on recipes, products, etc.
~become an overnight blog-celeb and never set foot in an office again {kidding!}
~make someone smile with a post
~learn, grow, reflect, evolve


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