06 May 2010

Banana Bread Cupcakes??

It's no secret that I'm not much help in the kitchen. Quite the contrary really. Our kitchen graveyard holds:

-two red wine glasses
-one champagne flute
-one plate
-one round cutting board {which my boyfriend still hasn't forgiven me for..}

But what I lack in culinary skill, I make up for in attempts at baking! Faced with a few browning bananas {which MB purposely didn't eat} I decided to work some magic. I used a recipe from Flour, an adorable Boston-based bakery.

Not without making my own substitutions, though. Instead of using baking soda {the only box in our kitchen was open and in the fridge and I CERTAINLY wasn't going to use from that} I used baking powder and tripled the amount, according to a conversion I found online. I also halved the entire recipe, mostly because there was a lone egg in my fridge, and the recipe called for 2. Finally, I used a muffin pan since I don't have a bread pan. With a smaller yield, I was able to cut the cooking time down to 20 minutes. One last suggestion? Don't whisk the eggs and sugar for 10 minutes - we have better things to do with our time! Use a food processor or small blender instead.

The result? I was very careful not to overcook them, as it happened last time I made Banana Bread with a different recipe and it tasted very dry. They didn't turn the deep brown color I normally associate with Banana Bread, but I attribute that to the baking powder. I am no kitchen guru, so I could be completely wrong, but I think that's what also gave them the cupcake texture/taste. The baking powder DOES change the flavor a little, so they aren't as banana-y as I would have liked, but overall I did still enjoy them and in a pinch, they were VERY easy to whip up!

{All the Ingredients}


{Batter Up!}

{Not as dark as I had expected, but they sure smelled great!}

{Banana Bread Cupcakes! No frosting required!}

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