08 May 2010


I went to Kimball Farm for ice cream with my Mom today. It was warm, sunny, and completely grounding. In the midst of crap life happens to be dumping on me at the moment, I find it hard to revel in the simple things, which is hugely disturbing to me because it used to come so naturally. Today was not the case, and over few words and a vanilla heath bar crunch ice cream, we had a perfect moment.

I remember coming here all the time when I was younger, especially on hot summer evenings when the air was almost as sticky as your hands got from your melting ice cream. It's funny because I thought everything would look smaller, considering I hadn't been in years, but the ice creams are as big as I had remembered!

There were some other changes made, though. The animals used to roam around freely, and I can distinctly remember a goat chewing on my mom's purse strap one evening. It was always a huge draw over the other ice cream places in town. My sister and I would beg my parents for quarters for the machines that would dispense a handful of pellets for the goats to eat. This time around, the goats were safely behind a fence, with a sign asking people not to touch the animals, per board of health. The only soul wandering around was a big rooster. It seems that in an attempt to "protect" people, we're also taking away happy experiences, and moments to reflect on with a smile. All I can say is, I'm glad I grew up when I did!

{The lone ranger, I mean, rooster}
{But a beautiful day nonetheless!}

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