02 June 2010

La Femme = Fatale

When digging through my personal ex-files, you're bound to come across a few feminine guys.. what can I say? Sometimes you need a resource - when you don't have the energy to pick out an outfit, or a great restaurant. And so what if sometimes that resource is your boyfriend?

With that confession out of the way, I miss manly men. Seriously, I'm a huge fan of fashion, but this androgynous trend is really starting to get to me. I prefer my men without nail polish {ever.} and my bag is big enough - he doesn't need his own. That's what pockets are for. Please tell me I'm not alone on this crusade? I'm all about expressing yourself through your clothing, but yours should NEVER fit more tightly than mine.

Which one makes YOU drool?

*Photos courtesy of Le 21eme Arrondissement

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