20 June 2010

The Mating Game

I could talk dating/relationships, and especially breakups for DAYS. I've had my fair share of long term relationships, and dating sprees. Lately, with all my solitude here in LA, I've been giving my adventures in dating some thought...

It went something like this:

Highschool – He can drive, I can't. He's a bad boy, I'm a goodie two shoes. Opposites attract?

College – He's hot and he seems to want nothing to do with me. I'm in.

Post-college - {I believe in Karma, but I chose not to when I look at this period in my life} He approached me, that's ballsy! Wait, you're falling for me? But it's our first date. Ahhhh GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!!!!!

Max – He's certainly unlike any guy I've ever met, and he kept me guessing in the beginning so I didn't run for the hills within a few dates. He helps me realize things I need to work on, while also making me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. He gets all dressed up with me to drink martinis on a Saturday night, and watches football on the couch with me all day Sunday. Plus he's a GREAT cook :)

Now, instead of considering just a few qualities in a guy {attractive, sweet, gets my sense of humor} I find myself analyzing a whole new array for characteristics {Can we make this work long term? Will he be a good father? Do we make a good team? Is he a best friend AND a lover?}

It's creepy. I'm getting old.

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  1. A great cook? Forget all the rest, he's a keeper;) I love this post girl. xoxo!