01 June 2010

California Gurl

So, dreams are coming true. Slowly, anyway. At the very least, things are looking up. It seems my luck has FINALLY taken a turn, and I couldn't be happier about it.

After temping at a job I fell completely in love with, {AND they love me back – why can't all relationships be this easy? I mean, yeah I had to skip lunch a few days and get everything done, but I'm only skinnier for it!} I was in a predicament. They wanted to keep me, I wanted to stay, but there really isn't a position open at the moment. Their solution? Fly me out to their LA office to work for a month, and hopefully something will open up.

Is. This. My. Life?? It sounds familiar.. It sounds like my life used to!

Besides the obvious plus {Umm California!} my best friend moved to LA in January, and I haven't had the money to come visit her. NOW, I get to live with her for a month! I'm looking forward to weekends on the beach and going out with my girl. I'm obviously there to work, and work is my first priority, but I DO need a tan for a wedding I'm in in July, and California IS one of my favorite places, and LS IS one of my favorite trouble makers!

I found out today I could be leaving as soon as next Monday. First, I completely panicked, because it FINALLY hit me that I'm actually going. But now I'm just excited {even if a little nervous.} The feeling is bittersweet, though, because I'll be leaving my cat and boyfriend at home. But it's good for him to miss me {the boyfriend, not the cat} and he's great at keeping in touch, and I love that he's supportive and secure enough to let me do this.

Looking forward to updating soon!

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