04 September 2010


Anyone who has spent 10 seconds or more in my presence knows my love and loyalty for Trader Joe's. A lot of my girlfriends think it's weird, because while they make the trip to TJ's every once in a while, I do 100% of my shopping there. Literally. Paper towels, cat food, bars of soap. If Joe started carrying contact solution I'd no doubt start buying it there.

Once every 2 weeks {I hate grocery shopping} I battle for a parking space, inch my way through the aisles {why do people always gravitate to the section I'm looking in?!} and wait through long lines. I drive by approximately 12 grocery stores, one being another Trader Joe's, on my way to the Brookline location. Why, you ask? This one simple reason – the wine section.

My boyfriend and I have the whole shopping part down to a science, really. What we like, what we don't, and how to navigate efficiently. We always save the best part for last, and he knows to hang back near the cart as we approach the far right corner of the store. I inhale deeply, smile, and clutch my hands at my chest while my eyes drink in the selection. There are literally probably 20+ wines that I love for under $10 a bottle. I always have to hold myself back from going to crazy, and after about 5-6 bottles hit the carriage, Max starts giving me “the look.”

I got a lot of that look this summer as a stockpiled my favorite wine – Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine that costs an incredible $4.99 per bottle! It's been my go-to all season, when I need a lighter and more refreshing alternative to other reds. I've introduced many friends/family members to it with the same result – even those who aren't huge winos. After I received two phone calls last week from friends who were at TJ's asking for a reminder of the name, I figured it was something to share on a larger scale. So head to Trader Joe's, get a bottle of Lambrusco, {red!} pop the cork {my favorite part,} and enjoy!

Salud! Xx

*images courtesy of Liqurious & Curly Girl Design

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