11 September 2010

A Healthy Dose of Humility

I have a minor OCD tick about getting dressed in the morning. Some days, I'm completely fine - especially if I've picked my outfit out the night before. If I'm going somewhere where I'll "be seen," or am going out with fasionista types with fabulous wardrobes, I'm always nervous about how I'll look. On a bad day, I'll change my outfit 6-7 times, wasting VALUABLE morning time that would be better spent eating breakfast, or say being on time for work.

Today isn't a remarkable day; I had an appointment at an artist boutique in the morning to check out furniture and then was going to my mom's house to sort though my belongings in prepation for my move. I lay in bed this morning, contemplating what I could put on that would transition perfectly throughout the day: casual for breakfast with my beau, chic for shopping, comfortable for sorting through boxes, and dressy enough for dinner with my mom later tonight. I also had to consider that fall is upon us and a sweater was vital.

I crafted the perfect outfit - for it truly was an outfit - of neutral striped trousers rolled up and playfully cuffed at the bottom with 4" leather strappy heels, a charcoal tank with an adorable flower pin, and my favorite pale pink cashmere cardigan. Paired with some makeup and a messy ponytail, it was sexy, casual & comfortable, without looking like I was trying too hard {which, after this post, everyone will know is a complete lie.}

Shopping was less than fruitful, but the pastries & coffee to-go were delicious. I kissed Max goodbye as he dropped me off to go finish my errands, and managed to pour my entire cappucino

And in that moment I could only laugh, because honestly - who cares what I have on? I love the way life gives you little reminders of the important things. Are you paying attention?

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