13 April 2011

Up For The Challenge

I've encountered many people in life who question & challenge everything they hear. I am NOT one of them. If you tell me a breaking news story, or an improbable fact, odds are I'm going to believe you. Some might consider it naïve, but I prefer to think of it as sort of romantic, or fairytale-like. I think there's a charm about taking something for face value, instead of automatically discrediting it or feeling compelled to research it.

I was in a position last summer, though, to consider something I had taken for face value since I was young: Superstition. More specifically, walking under a ladder.

I was on my way to a Patriots game, and needed to stop at the atm. My beau pulled over nearby one and I intended to make a quick trip in and out. Propped up against the building that I needed to enter {between me and the door} was a ladder. Without even thinking, I skirted around the ladder and into the door to the bank. While withdrawing some cash though, it occurred to me: was I even superstitious anymore?

It was something I grew up knowing, yet had never challenged. And in fact, I hadn't ever considered it in years. I resolved that on my way back out, I would walk under the ladder, defiant of my young beliefs. I did so without casualty, and didn't suffer any notable bad luck.

It was a silly happening, but it made me wonder: What other beliefs have I been hanging on to?

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