01 January 2012

Happy New Year

It's finally here, 2012. Since 12 is my birthday, and therefore favorite number, I have big expectations for this year. Specifically for myself. I believe that personal change and growth can occur at anytime, and don't need to be aligned to the beginning of a new year, but the spirit of change is all around us, and I'm welcoming it with open arms.

I've always kind of had this thing against New Years Eve. It's a great holiday and all, but I feel like it's a bit "what are you doing this weekend?!" times infinity. It's generally a lot of hype, and in my cold Boston case, ends in miserably low temperatures, not enough layers and the inability to locate a cab home. This year, I wanted to do something different.

I looked into midnight yoga classes, perfectly timed so that as the clock strikes midnight, you're laying on your mat, eyes closed, feeling utter peace and bliss. This greatly appealed to me, as I wanted to approach this new year feeling zen and relaxed, and not drunk then hungover. I went to sign up for a class in my neighborhood, but it was unfortunately already booked. Feeling bummed, but determined {I'm extremely stubborn once my mind is set,} I found a yoga podcast, and dug out some 90 or so tea lights.

At 42 minutes to midnight, the length of the class, we light the candles, turned off the lights, spread our mats, and began the class. I selected Eoin Finn's Yoga in Bali, which I had done before and loved. His voice is incredibly soothing, and he strikes the perfect balance between motivating speech, and serene silence. Living in close proximity to Copley Square meant lots of background noise out the window, but we were able to quickly tune it out. As the session came to a close, and we were basking in our post-yoga bliss, we heard the crowed cheer as the new year arrived. I couldn't help but feel an incredible sense of well being and peace - exactly the way I wanted to enter 2012.

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