22 February 2011


I recently started going to yoga. I wish I could say regularly, but 4 times in 2011 probably doesn't count. I wish I could say that I'm motivated to go every time, but it's actually because of a friend of mine dragging me that I've gone as much. As an exercise, I actually really do like yoga. I love its similarity to dance, all the stretching, and {let's face it} any exercise that requires me to lay on a mat is scoring major points with me!

The unfortunate thing about yoga, is that there are other people in the class doing yoga. At first I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet friends {because post-college is tough} but after a few classes, I don't think I have much in common with the die-hards. I also find a room full of people very distracting. The teachers stress the importance of being present and experiencing what's going on with your body instead of letting your mind chatter away. However when the guy behind you is panting, the girl in front of you keep nearly kicking your face, and there's a guy in the corner who just smells, it's hard to tune into yourself.

I took a different type of class yesterday, one which I had been really excited about trying. The class was clearly more serious and advanced about yoga than I am. I can keep up easily from all my dance training, I just don't have all the pose names memorized. There was a lot of ego in the class, which is annoying because that's generally the opposite of what yoga is supposed to be. And there was one incredibly distracting woman in the class who with every breath let out a moan.

Not a groan, a moan.

Don't get me wrong, yoga feels great. But it doesn't feel THAT good. And if you're seriously that close to orgasm with each new pose, you need desperately to get laid.

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