17 February 2011

A Sweet Story

There's a cute old man who works at a parking lot that I always walk by on my way to work. He's usually the first person I talk to every morning, which may sound strange, but I think it's kind of neat. I don't even know his name.

I haven't seen him in a few days, but this morning when I was passing by, he quickly made his way over to me. He then gave a big smile and said, "I missed you Monday" and handed me a heart-shaped lollipop.

{The best part was that the wrapper was kind of tattered, as though he had been carrying it around in his pocket until he saw me again.}

What he doesn't realize, is that this piece of candy means so much more to me than a Valentine's Day treat. It's a measure of kindness a stranger can extend, and a reminder of the impact one seemingly unrelated life can have on another. Use it wisely, use it kindly.

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